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Private Consultation

From Dr. Tom Dorsel

Dr. Tom Dorsel has served as a sport psychology consultant for the University of Notre Dame, Pinehurst Country Club, the Carolinas Section of the PGA, and the Harbour Town Yacht Club, among other organizations. In addition, he has provided individual consultation for professional and amateur athletes from over a dozen different sports.

He began his sport psychology consulting primarily in the area of golf. His expertise was expanded considerably in 1997 when he served as a Visiting Professor of Sport Psychology at the University of Notre Dame where he worked with 24 men's and women's NCAA Division I varsity teams to include baseball, basketball, fencing, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, and volleyball. Backed by this experience, Dr. Dorsel's sport psychology offerings extend to all sports and to any athlete who is serious about moving to the next level of performance in his or her sport.

Topics that the individual athlete might want to explore include playing up to one's potential, confidence, concentration, relaxation, imagery, stress and anxiety management, handling pressure and choking, anger control, goal setting, motivation, effective practice techniques, getting out of a slump, burnout, coming back from injuries, as well as many others.

Special Golf Program

Of particular note is Dr. Dorsel's golf program that is designed to meet the individual needs and goals of the serious golfer. Sites include either Hilton Head or Florence, South Carolina, or Pinehurst or Hendersonville, North Carolina, with the programs lasting one to three days.  The program is primarily designed for individual participants, but can easily be adapted for couples or small groups.

The objective of Dr. Dorsel’s golf program is to take serious golfers to the next level through intensive one-on-one attention to both the physical and mental aspects of the game.  Instruction involves daily on-course assessment and coaching personally provided by Dr. Dorsel whose credentials include ten appearances as an instructor on ESPN’s "Inside the PGA Tour;" Featured Contributor for Golf Illustrated, GOLF Magazine, GOLFWEEK, and Golf Digest; and author of three books:  GOLF: The Mental Game (2008); The Complete Golfer: Physical Skill and Mental Toughness (1996) and the Putting Machine (2001).

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