Group Seminars

Offered by Dr. Tom Dorsel

Dr. Tom Dorsel offers presentations on various psychological topics to sport, business, and other professional groups. The presentations can be as brief as 20-minute after-dinner talks or can be combined to provide as long as weekend retreats. The topics listed below apply to anyone who works under stress and pressure, with other people as a team, in an effort to succeed and reach his or her highest level of performance. 

Scroll down the page to see SUGGESTED ONE-DAY SEMINAR CONFIGURATIONS that can be tailored specifically for your group.  All presentations are professionally prepared with multimedia technology and include interactive exercises to keep participants active and involved.

Topics for Seminars and Speaking Engagements

ABC’s of Sport Psychology   The foundation to get you started in understanding and using sport psychology.

Sport Psychology Sampler   Highlights and useful tips from key areas of sport psychology.

Achieving Excellence   How to reach your potential.  What it takes to become truly great!

Confidence   The athletes most requested area for assistance.  Everyone wants more of this critical ingredient. 

Concentration   Focusing for quality and success.  How to maintain high performance over the entire event.

Motivation   Getting fully into action.  Control the amount and timing of this key element if you want to win.

Emotional Control   Stress, Anxiety, Pressure, Choking!  Don’t let your feelings get in the way of victory.

Relaxation & Imagery  Learn to relax and visualize success, and watch your performance improve.

Team Dynamics   Cohesiveness leads to productivity.  So does structure, stability, and coordination.

Communication Skills   Effective listening and speaking.  Get others to do what you want them to do.

Goal Setting   Constructive goals are achievable.  Focus on the task rather than on the outcome!

Burnout   When you just can’t take it anymore!  When the costs start outweighing the rewards.

Marriage and Family   Being successful...and married.  It can be difficult for the dedicated professional.

Successful Aging   A challenge for the 21st Century.  Even more of a challenge for the professional athlete.


Suggested One-Day Seminar Configurations


Configuration One:  For Sport, Business, and Other Professional Organizations




ABC's of Sport Psychology  Presents a useful framework for understanding the psychological side of sport and business.  Helps one assess where psychology could help the most, offers guidelines for consulting with a psychologist, and presents case histories of successful psychological interventions.


Sport Psychology Sampler  This presentation is a highlight reel of key concepts from psychological topics such as achieving excellence, confidence, concentration, motivation, stress and pressure, goal setting, team dynamics, relaxation and imagery, and many more.  Both this and the above presentation give participants plenty to work on in developing their psychological skills.


Afternoon:  Choose from among the following


Putting Machine  Visit a putting green (or large carpeted area) and witness a demonstration of the Putting Machine system for reliably getting long putts close to the hole.  You, too, can become a putting machine and make frequent 3-putts a thing of the past by learning to gauge the precise length of backstroke needed to roll the ball specific distances. 


Relaxation Exercise  Experience relaxation through guided imagery and other techniques, so that you can begin to relax and let your body operate in a more fluid manner instead of with tension that robs you of your best performance.


Consultation  Receive individual or small group consultation regarding your sport and/or business challenges.  This could be done in an office setting or within a sport venue.


Play Golf  Enjoy a round of golf under the helpful eye of a sport psychologist.  Receive feedback after the round.



Configuration Two:  Primarily for Business and Other Professional Organizations.




Responsibility & Change  Motivational presentation on how to take control of your personal and professional life more quickly than you ever thought possible.  Learn how to make changes that have eluded you up till now.


Stress Management  Learn what causes stress, what it does to you, and a formula for managing it, so you can work more effectively and enjoy a longer, more productive life.  Understanding and dealing with stress is not as hard as you might think. 




Listening Skills  Learn how to be an active listener who conveys understanding of what another person is saying, rather than being a passive listener who is hearing but not actually listening and understanding.


Assertiveness  Learn to distinguish between assertiveness, non-assertiveness, and aggressiveness.  A lot of people, particularly men, think they are being assertive when they are actually being aggressive.  Assertiveness attracts people to you and makes them want to work with you.  Aggressiveness drives them away and makes them want to sabotage your efforts.  You can increase your effectiveness immensely with the skill of assertiveness.





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